You know…..

Every time I come here to blog I find I have to weed through about 60-100 spam comments.  Thank goodness I make everyone have an approved comment before it just automatically posts.  And I wouldn’t bother going through the spam if I hadn’t had the experience of someone’s honest comment being marked as spam.

So seriously, what’s up with the spam?  Why so much of it?  And it’s slightly humorous too, because my last post was about my mother and having to move her and all of these comments are “I can see you’ve well researched this subject” and “I googled on this subject and found your site, I can see you have expertise.”

Yeah, jackasses, I do have expertise at dealing with my mother – however – I doubt you were googling how to deal with your mother who has money issues and whom you now have to move into your sister’s house.  I’m also glad you see me as something of an authority on the subject.  You just let me know if you find someone who has more authority on the subject so I can go ask them for help dealing with all of it.

That’s all I have to say right now.  I’m going to write a real post which will be scheduled for publishing tomorrow.  Actually, I should write several posts as I’ve got lots to fill everyone in on.