Pneumonia? Really?

….and then I wound up with pneumonia.

I guess I could have written a post sooner.  I mean, I’ve spent basically this entire week feeling well enough that I’m working.. but last week?  Yeah, last week I had pneumonia.

I could feel it coming on during work on Monday.  I had all the tell tale signs that I was going to be sick… not just kinda sick, but really sick.  I had aches.  I had that feeling in my arms and thighs that I get right before a fever comes on, the kind of restless-I’ve-got-to-move-them-or-I’ll-scream sensation which drove me crazy all day.  I coughed.  It  felt like a thick slab of slime had taken up residence in my chest.

So, at the end of my work day, I drove myself to Walmart, stocked up on cold remedies, decongestant, mucus thinner, and cough suppressant and hoped my suspected sinus infection (when I get sick, that’s usually what it is) wouldn’t be so horrible that I would have to stay home from work.  I got home and I took a nap, I was exhausted from the sheer will it took to go to Walmart instead of straight home.  By morning, I was too sick to work.

I don’t mess around with sinus infections.  If I let them linger too long, I wind up sick for a month.  I have sinus issues and an infection just lingers with me.  So I called the doctor and made an appointment.  Because of the way I was aching all over, he made me take a flu test… which means they shoved a q-tip up both nostrils… not just a little ways either.  When your sinuses are already killing you, trust me, that’s the LAST thing you want.  It hurt.  I cried.  They gave me antibiotics and sent me home.

Wednesday night I would have driven myself to the hospital if I could have.  I was in misery.  My fever was killing me.  I couldn’t breathe.

Thursday I went to the doctor again.  They took chest x-rays and found pneumonia.  I came home with a different antibiotic and a promise that I’d be feeling better soon.

Friday I felt nearly human again.

Saturday I did some work around the house.

Sunday I felt like crap.

Monday I went to work and came home and slept.

And gradually this week, I’ve begun feeling more and more “normal.”  I still have an alarming amount of cough going on, but comparatively, I’m doing well.

Pneumonia.  I would never have guessed that would be something I’d wind up getting.

I’m left feeling like I lost a week of my life.  I came back to work and it was as if the previous week just didn’t happen (well except for the massive pile of papers to grade).  I keep thinking the date is 7 days earlier than it really is.  Spring break, the last week of March, is suddenly almost here and I’m left thinking “where the heck did March go?”