That damn bunny

So I fell off the grid.  I was all gun ho and ready to “be a blogger” and then I got lazy.  What else is new? Why do I do that? I commit to something and get all excited about it and then…just….stop? It’s not just blogging.  I haven’t exercised in weeks and I pigged out on Easter candy last night.  That’s real cute. 

Well what matters is I’m here now.  So enough beating myself up…right? You (whoever you are) don’t want to hear that.  Or do you? Sickos.  Ok so what’s new…..hmmm….not much.  That’s lame.  Am I experiencing blogger’s block right now? No it can’t be.  Alright, considering this is only my second post here and most of you reading are Rhonda followers, I suppose I could write a little bit more about myself.  That’s fun times right?

Ok so I’m 28 – scheduled to turn 29 in August.  I say scheduled because, well, you never know.  I married my husband in September of 2010 and we’ve been together since we were 20.  We have two cats, Chloe and Emmett and we live in South Boston.  I work for a bank (did I already tell you that?).  It’s not as exciting as you would think.  I’m actually quite bored at work.  Don’t tell my boss that – pinterst is my friend.  What else what else?  Oh – my mom is …um….ok let’s just say….entertaining.  I will be sure to include some Babs (that’s her name – well wait no, that’s what I call her) posts here because she reads my other blog.  I am interested in everything from cupcake baking to beer brewing, from marriage equality to never-ending games of scrabble.  I have an eye for color, a soft spot for blue-eyed cats, a love of clean spaces, and a never ending taste for buffalo chicken.  I am obsessed with writing lists and my Erin Condren life planner (hollerrrr!) is my boyfriend.  You don’t know what that is? Don’t talk to me.  No but really – it’s this psychotic planner that I write EVERYTHING down in.  You want to know what’s been on my to-do list for over a month? Write a blog post.  I know what you’re thinking – “Oh wow Beth that planner is really working out for you.”  You can fuck off.  Just kidding – please don’t leave.  We need readers. 

Facing the Hurricane – that was all Rhonda’s idea, isn’t she brilliant? I love it.  What’s my current hurricane? My sweet tooth and exercise.  The sweet tooth is over powering lately.  Easter candy totally rocks my world, who is with me? That damn Cadbury bunny is the fucking devil.  And like I said before – I haven’t been to Zumba in weeks.  There’s a class tomorrow that I MIGHT make if I get out of work early but that is doubtful.  I’m looking out my office window at Copley Square right now and it is gorgeous outside.  Everyone is walking around in tee shirts.  I suppose I could go for a walk tonight…but will I? How do you stay motivated? Clue me in would ya?

Here’s my promise to you – I won’t wait so long to write my next post ok? (I bet all the bloggers say that don’t they?)