April Challenge: End of Week 1

If you’ve been able to follow my ramblings you know I am participating in my chiropractor’s April exercise challenge.  To be honest, I haven’t exercised much in the past year.  I kept having back issues or setbacks and – honestly – I got used to being lazy after the car accident.

There is no other way to look at it, exercise is… well… work.  

I know, I know… nothing life changing in that statement above but trust me, it took me a long time to realize that (so long as I was doing it properly) exercise would never become easy.  You’re meant to step it up as you improve.  For a person highly sedentary most of their life, those are frightening words.  Anyway, before I begin rambling about other things for an hour, my point here is I hadn’t exercised much prior to April’s beginning.  I’d been slowly getting myself back out there and I was pleased with my progress but to be a contender in the challenge, I really needed to step things up.

You know, there’s nothing quite like exercise to remind you that you are a being made of muscle.

I promise I’m not doing anything overly strenuous.  I’m essentially adding an hour of walking to my daily exercise routine (ok so the exercise wasn’t daily before so THAT bit is stepped up as well).

Folks?  My muscles hate me.  They really do.  I have accumulated 10.5 hours of exercise this week (yeah!) and my body groans no matter what direction I move.  Not HUGE groans, mind you… but large enough so that I swear I can feel each individual muscle in my body.

Before everyone jumps in here and starts asking if I’m stretching enough… yes… yes I am stretching.  I am beginning to think I cannot stretch enough to keep my back happy though.  I have been following up my exercise + walking sessions with lots of stretching, followed by some yoga stretches, followed by me groaning in pain as I roll it all out on my foam roller (I have serious IT band issues if I don’t foam roll them daily).  I’ve even taken a tennis ball to my glutes and certain places in my back which just cannot seem to get stretched well enough.  So yeah, I’m stretching.  I’ve even looked up the more stubborn muscles on a chart like this one so I can figure out what I need to do in order to stretch it.

In the end… I think I’m holding up OK.  I’m not glorious by any means but, all things considered, I think I could be much worse.  I’m going to continue stretching like there is no tomorrow and I’m going to try to accumulate 10 hours of exercise this week.  Why less than the 10.5 I just had?  That 10.5 includes a 3 day weekend for me in which I was able to go out in the morning and again at night. Coming home from work and putting in that much time just might not happen.

Here’s to hoping my 10.5 hours puts me as the leader in my team.  I’ll keep you updated!