Truth is, I’ve never been very great at introducing myself.

I’m that girl who goes to conferences and hopes they will NOT go around the room and make everyone introduce themselves and say something “unique” or “give some insight” into what they want to get out of the conference.  That kind of crap drives me nuts.  I spend most of the introductory time wondering what in the world I’m going to say about myself.  I remember absolutely no one’s name and the entire experience gives me sweaty armpits.

I guess the basic details are as follows:  I’m 33.  I’m separated.  I teach, but as a teacher it is far too risky for me to post any sort of opinions about teaching on here.  If I do complain about my job, I’ll have to do it as vaguely as possible.  I have three cats and I’m fairly certain I’m not a crazy cat lady yet.  Yet.  About two and a half or three years ago I started a weight loss journey and really changed my lifestyle.  I lost about 60 pounds, started running, and wanted to eventually run a marathon.  I wasn’t fast but I could put in the distance.  A bit over a year ago I was in a car accident and…. while nothing was bloodied and the only thing broken were a couple of molars from the impact of my face against the head rest of my seat… I’m finding it hard to get back on my feet.  I’m finding my body doesn’t work the same way.  I’m finding that the quirky and interesting collagen disorder my family and I have always joked about is actually making it harder for me to repair and recover.  I’m finding out that I’m stubborn and I’ve rediscovered my laziness.

I don’t know what my future holds.  As a person who has always managed to look to the future as a way to cope with the present… I’m in a very unusual state of mind.

Welcome to the blog.  I hope you enjoy reading my posts.

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