For the record, I remembered my password on the first try.

You know that moment when you return to a website you haven’t visited in quite some time and it asks for your password and your palms get all sweaty because you KNOW you made this password different than your normal go-to group of passwords and you also KNOW you spelled a certain word all wonky in your password and you’re not quite sure how you spelled it and you also KNOW you created a separate email account for that website and you’re pretty sure it has the same password as that website so even if you were to try a password reset you wouldn’t be able to do one anyway because the email would go to an account you can’t access?


I just had that moment with this blog.

Needless to say, it’s been a while.

In all honesty, I haven’t been the best blogger here.  I’m not certain I even have any readers… which is ok because I’m pretty sure the kind of blog stuff I write about is more like a journal than a diary and I’m ok with that.

Whatever the case, I’d like for that whole… absent blogger thing to change.  You see, I’ve been in a downward spiral of sorts lately.  I’ve exercised so infrequently I’m back to being a whiner whenever I do attempt exercise.  I’ve let fear stand in the way of attempting to jog/run again – mainly due to that failed summer when I tried and tried but could never get it off the ground.  I’ve gained weight of epic proportions – probably due to reverting back to my favorite coping mechanism: food.  It could also have something to do with this serious sugar thing I’ve got going on where I think I’ve trained by brain to demand sugar immediately after eating.  “Oh, you’ve finished a big meal?  GIVE ME SUGAR, BITCH!”  That’s how it feels.  

So how does all of the above add up to me not being an absent blogger?  Well, I’ve decided to try my hand at getting back into the game.  I’m going to attempt to stop all the bad habits, get back into exercise, start eating properly again, track my calories, and do the blogging thing.  It was all a winning combination for me before, I’m hoping it will be again.

So here goes nothing, eh?  🙂


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