This is what it’s like to be me..

This is when it gets frustrating.  This is when I’d like to scream…. or cry.

I went to the chiropractor last night.  Now, don’t get me wrong, without my chiropractor I’d be unable to do half of the things I’m currently capable of doing.  I remember the days before I found chiropractic, the days when I was always hypersensitive to stimuli, when I could hardly stand to wear a winter coat for the weight it put on my neck/shoulders.  So please don’t get me wrong, I love my chiropractic care and, for that matter, my chiropractor.  So I went last night.

Now, everything should be peachy for at least a few days, right?


I woke up this morning with a migraine.  Migraines mean my neck is out.  It hadn’t yet been 12 hours since I’d left the chiropractor.  All I did was sleep. (This is where I want to scream and cry and insert a string of expletives into that sentence.)  All I did was sleep.

And, you know something?   Before I really started putting things together with my suspected collagen disorder (joint hypermobility, a type of Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome), I would have blamed myself for this. I would have wondered if maybe I should be doing those neck exercises MORE, or maybe I haven’t been working out well enough or often enough (I never said I was rational all the time).  In fact, my own attorney made me wonder what was wrong with me once when he said my chiropractic care was “aggressive” when he found out I went once a week, every week.  All I could think was “Aggressive?  I couldn’t make it two weeks without going, I’d be in too much pain.”

But in reality.  My joints – and that includes my spine – aren’t actually capable of maintaining proper position because I lack a strong enough form of collagen.    I mean, I’m working on strengthening things but… it’s an uphill battle.

Today I’m not at work.  Today I am totally wallowing in self pity.

Today I totally got a free adjustment because my chiropractor loves me.

Today I’m feeling sorry for myself.

Tomorrow I’ll give everyone an anatomy lesson.

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