My punctuation and grammar sucks.

I’m writing this blog to write. If periods, commas or semicolons don’t appear where they belong it is because I’m more concerned with what I’m writing about then little dots and dashes. If I get my point across that’s what matters right? I’m going to be using spell check and all that good shit. But if it doesn’t get picked up oh well. Dont judge me. If I have to worry about this being editorially correct then I’m going to lose my spark and probably my train of thought. If this bothers you that much Beth you can be my editor. KIDDING!

I will be treating this blog somewhat of a diary all ramblings, bitching, and sloppiness will be from the heart. ♥

(Seriously though if you want to pop in to a post and put spaces after my periods I wont be mad at you XD)

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